The smart light for wakefulness and productivity  

Lark simulates sunlight to improve your day. 

Most people don't get enough sunlight

Lark uses the same technology prescribed to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) to create a happier and more productive you

  • Boost your mood

    Lark simulates natural light to give you the same benefits of sunlight indoors. Place one on your desk to feel happier, more productive, and more wakeful.

  • Wake up naturally

    Lark mimics the sunrise to slowly fill your room with light in the morning. Place one by your bed to jump-start your day.

  • Fight jet lag

    Use the Lark app to build a light schedule and adjust to time zone changes before, during, and after a trip.

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  • Use Lark at work

    Lark fits neatly on your desk and simulates daylight to improve your energy, mood and wellbeing. 

  • Use Lark to wake up

    Place Lark by your bed and it will gradually fill your room with light at the appointed hour. Use this feature to feel more energized in the morning.

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  • Use Lark for travel

    Lark's daylight simulation can help you fight jet lag. Just tell Lark where you're going and it will help you adjust to the new time zone.